Babaamaadizi / Transportation Resources

Community Health Transportation

The Red Cliff Community Health Center provides limited transportation to and from the clinic and in the immediate area, not to exceed a fifty-mile radius.

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Coordinated Services Team (CST)

This team assists families and children/adolescents who have multiple needs which may be related to mental health, alcohol, drug abuse, child protection, juvenile justice or special education.

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Elderly Transportation Program

This office provides transportation for elders of the Red Cliff community with the goal of preventing isolation by promoting socialization.

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Medicaid Transportation

This reimbursable program allows for participants to receive transportation to and from medical appointments that are eligible and/or currently on Medical Assistance (MA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Badgercare or Medicaid.

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Miskwaabekong Transit

The Red Cliff area transit service is a public transportation service offering rides to anyone needing transportation within the Red Cliff area. We also can get you to the BART bus stop if you have to travel to other Chequamegon Bay Communities.

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