The mission of the Red Cliff Hatchery is to provide a comprehensive fish hatchery program capable of providing eggs, fry, or fish for both on and off reservation stocking for rehabilitation, restoration, or supplementation ofnative fishstocks in Wisconsin inland waters and Lake Superior.

The goals of the hatchery to support its mission include:

  • Establishment of a genetically variable Coaster brook trout broodstock of several mature year classes capable of providing enough eggs, fry, and fish for the Red Cliff Tribe and other interested agencies.
  • Establishment of an extensive walleye pond culture program incorporating the hatcheries three one-acre ponds with the objective of producing quality extended growth walleyes ( 6-8 inch) for stocking
  • Provide an educational environment to promote and inform the public about the Tribal Fish Hatchery Program and the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.
  • Coordinate work with other tribal, federal, state, and private agencies to utilize fish and related information produced at the Red Cliff Tribal Hatchery.
  • Explore new avenues for research projects, alternative fish propagation projects and additional funding for the Fish Hatchery program.
  • Facility Description
    The Red Cliff Tribal Fish Hatchery is a flow- through-system capable of both cool water and coldwater rearing of fish. The hatchery is composed of 4 fish rearing areas; a production/office building, a broodstock building, an isolation building, and 3, one-acre, clay lined grow out ponds.

    The facility pumps 500 gallons per minute of water supplied from deep aquifers using high capacity wells. Water maintains a constant temperature of 7.4 C. Nutrients are removed from effluent through wetland pond filtration.

    Fish Stocking
    Since 1994 Red Cliff has stocked 1.2 million brook trout into the waters of Lake Superior surrounding the Tribal Reservation. Fish were stocked of various life stages from egg to adults.

    RCTFH Fish

    The Tribal Fish Hatchery also produces numbers of extended growth walleye in the size range from 4-6 inches for stocking into inland waters of Wisconsin.

    Education and Outreach
    The tribal hatchery is actively involved with educating children and the general public about tribal natural resource programs. The hatchery offers hands on tours with schools, universities, churches, and other interested groups. Students are encouraged to work on fisheries related research at the fish hatchery and are allowed to utilize hatchery fish, equipment, and staff to accomplish these projects. The hatchery strives to be a productive fish rearing station while offering an educational component to many different groups and agencies.

    Fish Sales
    The Red Cliff Fish Hatchery can also provide various ages of Coaster Brook Trout (availability may change from year to year)

    Alternative Projects

  • Experimental Rearing of Lake Sturgeon
  • Experimental Rearing of Lake Herring
  • Passive Integrated Transponder Tag Retention Project
  • Monitoring stocking efforts using electrofishing methods
  • RCTFH Fish

    Red Cliff Fish Hatchery
    88455 Pike Rd State Highway 13
    Bayfield, WI 54814

    Phone: 715-779-3728
    Fax: 715-779-3763
    E-mail: chase.meierotto@redcliff-nsn.gov

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