Assistant Wildlife and Forestry Biologist-Jeremy St.Arnold

o   715-779-3795


         Wildlife and Forestry Technician-Ron Nordin



Responsibilities and Projects Include:

         Collaborate with BIA on forest stand exam inventory (including parcels for the land buy-back program)

         Maintain trail camera stations for wildlife monitoring and research

         Research endangered American Marten population dynamics

         Collaborate with BIA on forest management planning and prescribed fire planning

         Review timber harvest proposals for parcels within reservation boundary (including non-tribally owned land)

         Aspen Timber Harvest on Blueberry Rd.

         Participate in trainings to advance the wildlife and forestry program: wildland firefighter training, nuisance bear workshop, sharp tailed grouse trapping, American marten trapping, First Aid/CPR

         Installing and monitoring bat boxes of various designs

         Youth Outreach: Conducting surveys, trail camera work, telemetry, tracking, and timber stand inventory with youth

o   Tribal Youth Interns, Bayfield School Students, Earth Partnership

         Hanging and monitoring marten/fisher nest boxes (30) with video borescope

         Monitor bluebird boxes at the farm

         Investigate wildlife/forestry complaints and rare animal sightings

         Develop and implement a wildlife and forestry stewardship plan

         Frog Bay Tribal National Park

o   Assist in trail building and maintenance

o   Lead tours

o   Set up camera traps to document wildlife in the park

o   Conduct forest inventory

         Attending meetings/conferences/seminars/symposiums/summits and giving presentations

o   Marten Stakeholders Committee

o   Timber Wolf Alliance

o   WTCAC Forestry Subcommittee

o   NRCS Forestry Subcommittee

o   Bayfield County Forestry and Parks

o   Presentations: Bayfield Elementary/Middle/High School and Faculty, Ashland Rotary Club, Midwest Wolf Stewards, Wolf and Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence Initiative, TNR Open House, Tribal Council, Red Cliff Community Celebration of the Wolf Event

         Identifying and marking sugar maples for sugarbush at new Tribal properties

         Write quarterly newsletter articles

         Pick up road kill for use as trapping/trail camera bait

         Participate in multi-agency Sharp tailed grouse translocation project

o   Trapping, processing, transporting, monitoring, grant writing

         Grant writing and reporting



Past projects include:

         Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Plan

         Forest thinning project at Red Cliff community clinic

         White pine release project near Bresette Hill Road

         Drafting of MOU with APHIS - Wildlife Services, approved by Tribal Council in 2013

         Chicago Creek fish passage project at culvert on Blueberry Road

         Restoration of NADF water outlet to Red Cliff Creek, stopping active erosion at the site (NADF partnered with Red Cliff on this project)

         Eagle Bay Beach Walkway

         Development of Wolf Protection Plan


Grants awarded:

         Tribal Wildlife Grant for American marten research (2015)-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: $199,761

         BIA Endangered Species grant for American marten and fisher research: $100,000

         BIA Endangered Species Grant for gray wolf research on the Reservation and Bayfield Peninsula: $75,000

Trail Camera Videos: periodically uploaded to Youtube

Link to Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Youtube page:







Photos to include:



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