Red Cliff Planning Department

Location: Red Cliff Administration Building
Address: 88455 Pike Road; Bayfield, WI 54814
Phone: 715-779-3700

Planning Department Mission Statement

To provide expertise and services in comprehensive and strategic planning efforts, project development and transportation infrastructure while preserving the Tribe’s unique heritage, culture, and environment.

Planning Staff

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Program Planner: Pam Calhoun
Contact Pam Calhoun
(715) 779-3700 ext. 4233

Pam provides planning, development and fundraising (primarily via grant writing) assistance to various programs and initiatives. She serves as the planning department liaison to tribal divisions. She maintains the eCivis grants management system and is involved in managing the grant application processes.

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Transportation Planner: Jeff Benton
Contact Jeff Benton
(715) 779-3700 ext. 4234

Jeff oversees the tribe’s transportation programs including Tribal Roads maintenance and Miskwaabekong Transit. He also helps administer other construction related projects such as Red Cliff Creek’s culvert project, Water Tower road project, the water and sewer installation project and other public works projects.

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Red Cliff Community Health Center Grant Writer & Planner: Elizabeth Ellis
Contact Elizabeth Ellis
(715) 779-3707 ext. 2318
Red Cliff Community Health Center Website

Elizabeth assists Health Center staff in the development of comprehensive programs and services to serve the communities needs and identifies funding sources for those projects. She maintains the Health Services eCivis grants Management System, provides information on funding opportunities, manages grant proposal processes, leads strategic planning efforts and serves as Health Center Marketing and Promotions Coordinator.

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Red Cliff Tribal Planner: Nicole Boyd
Contact Nicole Boyd
(715) 779-3700 ext. 4242

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