Group Health Benefits
Health Insurance Plan is through the Federal Employee Health Benefits; FEHB. Employee will select insurance provider that best meets their individual needs. FEHB is offered for both single and family coverage. Employees considered to be full time status will be required to pay 12% of the premium for the plan selected. Employee's portion of payment will be through payroll deductions done equally for the first two payrolls of the month.

Dental provider is Delta Dental of Wisconsin. There is no cost to the employees weather you take single or family coverage. Dental has a $50.00 deductible per calendar year with maximum of 3 deductibles per family.

Short Term Disability pays 66 2/3 % of weekly pay for a maximum of 90 days if you get sick or injured off the job. This is at no cost to the employee.

The Tribe does offer Long Term Disability insurance to their employees. The employee picks up the entire cost and would start after the Short Term Disability ends. It would continue up to a maximum of twenty-four months.

There is a $15,000.00 life insurance policy on all employees, spouse $7,500.00 and children pro rated. Employees can purchase additional life insurance on themselves.

The Tribe also provides a free health check/screening once per year at no cost to the employee.

Pension Plan
Have to work 1 year and minimum of 1000 hrs. It is a Profit Sharing Plan with a 401(k) component. The Tribe puts 3% of employee’s wages into the Plan.

Leave Time
The Tribe calls sick and vacation time General Leave. Full time employees get 16 hours per month and you can accumulate up to 192 hours per year. If you go above it you lose it. After 5 years of employment General Leave goes up to 20 hours per month with a maximum of 240 hours.

The Tribe observes most the Federal Holidays except Columbus Day. There is a total of 11 Paid Holidays.

Hours of Work
Normal hours of work for most employees is Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, with hour for lunch. Flex time is allowed with Supervisors and Tribal Management approval.

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